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Lecture 12

Lecture 12 Notes

Arts Management
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Anne Tasamine Frost

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VPAA10H3 Intro to Arts Management: Lecture 12 Notes
AA312 & 313 Next Tuesday and Wednesday to pick up assignment 2
OMA Ontario Museum Association
CMA Canadian Museums Association
CARFAC Canadian Artists Representation | Le Front Des Artistes Canadiens
OAAG Ontario Association of Art Galleries
CAEA Canadian Actors Equity Association
PACT Professional Association of Canadian Theatres
CRIA The Canadian Recording Industry Association
SOCAN Society of Composers, Authors and Music Publishers of Canada
TMA Toronto Musicians’ Association
AF of M American Federation of Music
OC Orchestra Canada email newsletters
CSI: 215 Spadina (401 Richmond)
CSR Corporate Social Responsibility
TBL Triple Bottom Line: Profits, People, Planet
What do you feel is the most important single aspect of cultural policy in Canada &
oThe most important single aspect of cultural policy is regulation
oMake comparison towards other factors regulation, legislation, tax, funding,
venues and facilities
2 hour exam 35%
oTrue/False choice + rationale = 5: 5%
oDefinitions/Acronyms 5 with rationale compulsory = 5: 5%
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