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Lecture 1

VPAA10H3 Lecture Notes - Lecture 1: Linear Algebra, Differential Calculus

Arts Management
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Sherri Helwig

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Hello Yuetong,
The deadline to submit an application for admission from a university in Canada will
be May 1st, 2015. Applications will open in October.
Admission Requirements:
One semester of differential calculus
One semester of integral calculus
One semester of linear algebra
Two semesters of physics (mechanics, electricity and magnetism, waves and optics)
with labs
Two semesters of general chemistry with labs
Architecture portfolio by March 8
Admission to Architecture is highly competitive, and therefore you should present all
the prerequisites.
The University welcomes applications from well-qualified students who wish to
transfer to McGill. Please note that for many programs applications for transfer are
often considered exceptionally and on the basis of space available. Admission
standards may vary significantly from year to year depending on demand for the
Transfer applicants are considered on the basis of university/ college work and
previous studies. You should have well above-average academic records and
prerequisites appropriate to the program you wish to pursue at McGill. Particular
attention will be paid to results of courses relevant to the proposed program of study.
In order to form a basis for admission for a science-based program or to be considered
for credit or exemption, science and mathematics courses normally must have been
completed within the last five years.
If you are an accepted Transfer student, your advanced standing credit can only be
determined after you have confirmed your program at McGill, paid the required
deposit, and provided all necessary supporting documents (including detailed course
descriptions/syllabi). In addition to course descriptions of mathematics and science
courses, you are asked to specify the names and editions of textbooks used.
Thank you for contacting Service Point.
Nous vous remercions d'avoir contacté le Point de service.
Service Point | Le Point de Service
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