13 Feb 2011
Jan 26, 2010
Make sure you package appropriately – make sure you know who you are selling to and
gear the promotion and packaging to them
Engage in conversation with your potential patrons
The person who has primary contact with your possible patrons to be people who like
their job
Figure out what caused people to call of come by asking them
Value your employees- by offering them training and support
Who is competing with you? Who do others intend to buy tickets for
After a while you must rebrand the company to draw attention to it
Promotion – lots of ways to undertake promotion
You can work with a publicist because they would help you know who to talk to – they
would have relationships with people at all the conventional media
The problem with not having an in house publicist is that once the thing is done you are
not left with any of your own connections
When you are buying a publicist you are engaging with someone who knows all the
people probably on a first name basis
Tips on Media Release
don’t tell the whole story in a media release
need it to be short for people to be able to read for PSA – 30 seconds is 85 words
don’t assume that free exposure is all good
Contra – when you give something and they give something
Public relations- in certain organizations this is different than publicity
What would public relations do? Survey people to see how doing, have a good face,
publicist before the event, public relations is ongoing
Once you got to the point of knowing who you are trying to attract – then you have to
write all the info down and turn it into a diagram – you have to share it and make it
available – shouldn’t be to big or to small – incorporate it into your agenda every time so
you can tell people how you are doing
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