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Feb 2, 2010
Spending @ the Federal level
Federal – regulating immigration, money in and out, stimulate the economy,
Fed gov would spend money here: Aboriginal, Ethno cultural groups, seniors/vets,
economically challenged, rural and remote people (outside urban areas), LGBQT (sexual
orientation), youth, women, 2
language minorities
Dept of Canadian Heritage – James Moore is the minister – (this is the federal gov area
that serves the above groups- wants us to all talk to one another across the country)
1) Department of Canadian Heritage (policy driven)
Some of the programs are: Arts Presentation Canada,
Canadian heritage will fund 50% of your project – wants you to raise the first 50% first
(if there is a reason that they should find more to make a balance then they will perhaps
fund more)
Put together revenue from all of the funders
Be aware that funders talk to eachother – so don’t give different info to the different
2) Canada council of the Arts – (the arms length at the federal level )
Funds living artists – and the creation of work
Spending at the Provincial level
Michael Chan – 3) the ministry of culture and tourism (before it was
Culture is the smallest budgeted ministry in the whole government
Culture didn’t always have funding programs that you could apply to – but now there is
they want us to get money so that we can provide economic activity – but money for
them would now be something that brings in tourism
4) Ontario Arts Council (arms length)
Spending at the Municipal
5) department of cultural and heritage (not a funder at the moment)
6) toronto Arts Council (arms length)
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