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Arts Management
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Anne Frost

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March 2, 2010
Funders- Aboriginals, New Canadians, ethnocultural groups, youth, seniors, 2
minorities, economically challenged, tourism (province), women, LGBTQ,
Ceremonies, celebrations
2012, 2017 – funding for the events
Opportunities for youth – Locale initiatives project - programs that started in the past
these programs were a way to buy off the artists so that they would not make a big fuss,
and now a lot of theatre companies are in Toronto because of this
look for ways that funding can be found to solve problems
a lot of funding can be given for programs that provide employment – arts can be a point
of entry for jobs
a couple researchers named Baumol and Bowen – research on how our sector hires
people and that it is hard to make profit cause you always need people to work
video – making art work
new horizons for seniors – seniors
honour the work of veterans
present your work in a way that goes with the way the ministries need to direct their work
Grant applications
you need to raise the money to do the work
it is a project planning document
to get marketing
a policy document that represents what the organization is producing
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