13 Feb 2011
March 9, 2010
Key influencers-
Not necessarily funders but who are people in the community that we should know in the
community, help you out in different ways,
Groups of these:
Peers: artists, managers, cultural workers
-consider both local people a regional and national depending on the project
-you will build up these relationships are you go
-funders- the funding officers and the people volunteering for the assessments
Municipal offices have ward offices and city hall offices – there is staff at both offices
that can help you get your message through to get the politician to attend your event
Provincial mpp have a riding office and a queens park office – ther are staff at both that
can help you
The federal gov have riding office and an Ottawa office – there are staff at both
The School boards – find out how the school board works and find out the name of the
trustees responsible
-at the school boards there are people responsible for putting arts into the school
down town improvement area & business improvement area – a group of companies that
come together to pay for things for the area- they incorporate as a not for profit
can present in their meetings if you have a relationship- can ask them for things, or show
them how your organization can benefit them
Committees of council – pulled from the general public to advice about things, these are
volunteer position – but then you meet people and get politicians to listen to you
Government policies that effect us even if they don’t seem to directly
-copyright and intellectual ownership (federal)
-tobacco and liquor (federal)
-changes to employment rules and laws (federal)
Municipal has power over zoning (how much parking- how much residential? Ect)
you have to pay attention to the arts service that is responsible for your sector – they will
keep you informed – ex: PACT, TAPA, theatre Ontario, CARFAC, OAAG, OMA,
CMA, Dance umbrella, Dancer transition centre, CMC,
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