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VPAB05H3 Lecture Notes - Slut, Specific Performance, Plebs

Arts Management
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Alan Stanbridge

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November 23, 2011
Canonic Issues and the Discourses of Art, Folk, and Pop
Reading: ‘Canonic Issues’
Canons are exemplary.. of moral and ethical force (15)
- How strongly people hold onto these ideas they believe in
“Canons exert tremendous… or ignored and hence forgotten” (15)
- Canons include exemplary models by nature but other side of the point is that they are
exclusive; works that don’t measure up are not included
Canons are therefore exclusive 15
Canons.. segments of society 15
Canons self-perpetuate
- Accompanied by next point
Ideology of immutability
- It doesn’t change; but in reality, canons do change
But canons change
“the dynamics of change in … powers of reconstruction” (16)
- They are socially constructed
- When change, they change for particular reasons change in value systems of ex.
Canons have generated .. behaviour
- Within each canon, set of ideas and values and then categorization groups like phenomena in
similar categories and excludes others. Idea of inclusion and exclusion
Canon formation is not controlled.. historical movement
Formation of canon involves lengthy historical process that engages many cultural variables 19
All kinds of contextual influences that affects this.. aesthetic issues
Canons simultaneously… being canonized 19
- Idea of self-perpetuation
- Once something is in the canon, becomes model for other things to be included into canon
Canons embody the value of[20
Canon formation… and values 22
- Shouldn’t underestimate power of canon, we have in everyday
Three myths of canons: universality claim that certain art forms have universal value that applies in all
places and time for all people; myth that it is accepted everywhere
Neutrality myth that somehow it just exists… ignores process of how they became part of the canon
(ex. DiMaggio’s article)
Immutability don’t change
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