Lecture 7

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Published on 8 Mar 2011
Music History II Lecture 7
Italian Opera in the 19 th
-Rossini, Bellini, and Donizetti exhibited bel canto style
-applied opera buffa style in opera seria
-voice type includes baritone and bass voice
-formal continuity in ensemble
-use of continuous action
-greater dramatic continuity
-more realistic plot
-drama develops continuously, one event in the plot influences another
-formal unit is scene, not aria
-action develops more regularly
-blend of opera seria and buffa element
-bel canto style lyrical quality, expressive effect
-evolving dramatic scene structure
Il barbiere di Siviglia
-first play in the beaumarche play, Marriage of Figaro is the third play
-plot includes secret messenger, identity exchange
-Figaro is the go-between and messenger
-less politically inflammatory setup
-Figaro (baritone), Count (tenor), Rosina (soprano)
No. 2 Cavatina- FigaroLargo al factotum
-exploit buffa vocal characteristics:
-mechanical repetition of melodic/ rhythmic fragments
-rapid declamation (patter- comic effect)
-acceleration of effects is known as Rossini crescendo
No. 5 Cavatina- Rosina “Una voce poco fa
-two tempo aria
-form reflects change in content/ mood of text
-exploit bel canto and coloratura vocal qualities
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Rossini, bellini, and donizetti exhibited bel canto style. Drama develops continuously, one event in the plot influences another. First play in the beaumarche play, marriage of figaro is the third play. Acceleration of effects is known as rossini crescendo. Form reflects change in content/ mood of text. Change in tempo is motivated by change in scene and emotion. Sings about how he is a barber of good quality. Factotum is a man in town that gets many things done. How much he is in demand, how busy he is. Tongue twisting singing is a quality of opera buffa. Lindoro is the count"s name, a poor music student. Bel canto is an ornamentation that deviates from music score, impose own ornament, improvisation. Rossini hated improvisation, wrote elaborate music that is complicated to elaborate. Plot from medieval history, legend, fairy and folk tales. Use of recurring theme and motive linking throughout.

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