VPMC88H3 Lecture Notes - Gregorian Chant, Jubilus, Melisma

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Published on 6 May 2012
VPMA79 Tutorial 1
1) Plainchant
-set the Liturgy
-listening piece: In Paradisum
-composer: anonymous
-genre: Gregorian chant
-mass/ office
-era: Medieval
-function: sacred music, worship/ devotion
2) Sequence
-free rhythm, monophonic, stepwise melodies, modal
-often comes from Alleluia, jubilus
-took melisma of Alleluia & add new text to it
-additional part to the Mass, but wouldn’t be sung in the Mass
-form: double versical form AA’ BB’ CC’ DD’ and so on
-era: Medieval
-sung following the Alleluia
-style: syllabic
-office: private worship
-mass: more elaborate chant
2 types of mass
1) Proper: text changes according to occasion
2) Ordinary: mass that is sung every day & text remains the same
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