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14 Apr 2012

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Lecture 3
One approach to modernity that turned away from representation and the work of avant guard
that changed the work in 20th century.
The opening section for this week, the author is saying this rift is not so black and white- there
are other things also to discover
He says Greenberg use the term avant-guard and modernism
All modern artwork was new artwork
As Greenberg researched he started developing his theory and realized modernism was search
of autonomy
He was reacting to
o The WW
o The trauma of the wars
o The growth of the different aspects of modernity
o The idea and emergence of low culture he would describe as KISH
o Materials of culture industry
This is all the aspects of modern society- it goes with capitalism
This distinction between which is interested in the stuff of culture and avant guard of modern
world to purity
Europe, from the English channel…loss of power.pg.28
Those who were interested in the world and those who were non representational started to
become a part of history.
A lot of avant guard that became a part of history Da- Da; sense of anger towards the WWI.
The work of social realist painters that were making representational painting that was about
modern society of industry and technology. They focused on new stuff of modernity. This is
move towards abstract
Another movement connected to surrealism in art but in film and literature- looked at the world
as anti-rational and looking at things like dreams and so on.
All the work was a reaction to what was going on in the world.
A modernist theorist/painter would have a problem to this work- it was making use of the
material that was in the culture, things that were in the print and media.
The use of stuff material culture from the world-art is supposed to be separated and its own
medium they modernity people were combining them with other things.
The author talks about post second WW years- the dominance of modernist theory and that
approach of making art. It was dominant because it was the most popular
The idea of modernism then was associated with painter in US, American abstract painters
It dominated the art world conversation in many ways
There was still always other stuff going on that was overshadowed by a dominant discourse in
the art world.
It continued to make different things- it was emerging in the culture he continued to look at the
The author write about an important artist John Cage
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