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15 Apr 2012

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Lecture 6
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People had questions about Teresa’s tongue artwork- is this art?
She might be talking about the violent social circumstances that made this possible.
It breaks the social conventions- it pushes the boundaries
Viewing assignments- conceptual artists
It is about shocking the viewers
Conceptualism becomes the foundation of modern art
Social political context of the 1960s
The author also talks about how artists re-discovered Duchamp
Peter burger- the ideas about avant guard
Development of ideas trying to connect art and the world- this means art was conceptual but in
public spaces, artist practices with material of daily life.
conceptual art: how is begins with specific concerns, approaches to the meaning and activity of
art and quickly spreads in much more diverse forms of art
Modernity- the changes in the 20th century (first half)
Modernism is within modernity
Conceptual art and conceptualism has the same relationship
Conceptual art- avant guard small perspective
And conceptualism is a broader term (switch compared to modernism and modernity)
A number of exhibition that happened in 2-3 years 1968-1969-they helped defined a tendency
in art
A conceptual way
In 1968- there was famous exhibition called xeroxbook- consisted of catalogue
There was no actual physical exhibition
Information- another exhibition and it surveyed all of this activity
Xerox-book: in the first one is it impossible to see the work in a physical way and photographs
of work that has happened else where
It is de-materialized
There are still materials that conceptual artist still rely on such as photographs, documents,
texts and photocopies
They used text and photography- they needed a trace to show their work
Text used language: language of ideas something that is describing an idea by writing it. a
description and a statement
They used definitions, notes, ideas to capture their work
Photography: photographic series, it becomes something like the language
The conceptual art that is art that is developed rapidly.
How the work in NYC has an impact on the world
Early conceptual art defined itself in self reflexive way
It means referring to itself, being aware of it-self
It is really important to write about your own work.
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