Social Construction of Gender

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Social Construction of Gender Approach Gender differences are not the product of biological properties According the Social Constructionist, it is the product of sococial structures and culture -working progress throughout your life, re-construction and social construction -5 levels of social construction: Individual (the personal level, identify experiences with gender identity), Interactional (do with every day interaction, gets gender identity when interacting with others; peers, parents, messages from others: good, bad) Institutional Level-3 level, deal with structural basis of our society,, religion, Economy, Workplace- historically been masculine insitutation, shaped and controlled by men; Research: gender are paid/treated differently for the same job Sociocultural: the universal living that you live in, meaning are produced and are affecting your life/very material; ex. Guide you to becoming a beautiful women, the body shape-loss weight, become sick… Global gender order: reflects the reality of our era that is influenced by economic and policies, at this level we can see that political influence and economic shape gender difference; How should one think about two seemingly contradictory ‘truth’ reflected in the these two images? • Women are lower than men Gender Socialization Process by Individual, acquires Gender Identity “I am this or that”, act, think, feel in certain way as women or men, you are acting either Women or Men 3 Sub Categories: Gender Appearance- certainty about the world around us; gives a kinds of certainty about the world around us; Gender Appearance has its power (How?)ex. highly visible female/male; Behaviour-is a product of social doing; doing gender means that gender behaviour is a achieve status, by achieve it(working hard); the own doing; the routine, methodic and recurring accomplishment ; Example: waking up in the morning; no difference between men and women when taking time to get up in the morning Doing Gender means that we have work on gender behaviour continuously Women: bear children; Men: get a job We usually assume that gender is what we are not what we do, but it is really about what we do; “thinking that we are born with gender” but we have been processed and developing the characteristics of gender difference (we are been told to do Nurture vs. Nature) Feelings and thoughts- female-expected to be emotional, sexually passive; so many feelings and thoughts are forced on us and we started to think that this feelings belongs to us; men-are expected to hold on their own feelings, responsive and sexually active Argument: Women in the other of Men How do we socialize? 1 Direct and intentional gender socialization may be indirect and direct. Direct-dad telling you to be the man in the house; nd 2 Indirect and accidental-been the model, see through the practice; toys we buy for the kids are very gendered Ex. Traditional: women is depended, and men is independent; women can’t solve problems on our own; women can only be brought to life by a men 3rd 4 Major Agents of Socialization They shape: Sense of gendered selves The way we act, think and feel in gendered way How we think of ourselves as feminine and masculine 1. Family-primary socialization; exposet to intimate relationship; gender message we learned when we grow up- 2. School-impersonal socialization; kids has to be trained in the gendered way; unwritten rules that is transmitted through gender roles; ex. Roles girls and boys play, act in school; ex. 3. Peer Group-linked by common interest and age; (1)provide with intimate relationship like family; the power relation (equal), intimate rela
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