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Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

Women’s study Textbook notes: Liberal Feminism Success & Failure in the workplace:  Affirmative action to ensure gender balances a lawsuits charging discrimination against women in hiring, promotion, and salaries.  Helped women into higher education, the professions of law and medicine, the sciences, and all sorts of workplaces, from large-scale corporate to coal mines  Sexism still present in workplace; men hold top positions  Gender segregation in jobs: men and women have natural talents  Men: abstract thinking and physical work  Women: have nurturance and repetitive work Gatekeeping, the Glass Ceiling, and Gendered Job Queues:  Gatekeeping: explains how most women are kept from getting to the top in occupations and professions dominated by men.  keeps from top promotions  Glass Ceiling: assumes that women have the motivation, ambition, and capacity for positions of power and prestige, but hidden barriers keep them from reaching the top  Women of colour have had to face both racism and sexism  Gendered Job Queues: best jobs are kept for men of the dominant racial and ethnic group.  Dominant men leave for other work, then men of disadvantaged racial and ethnic groups and all women can move into them  Occupations stay segregated  Some jobs have shifted from men’s work to women’s work  Disadvantages group = lower pay and bad working conditions  Dominant group=best jobs for white men in financial banking positions Affirmative Action:  Affirmative Action: developed to redress the gender, racial, and ethnic imbalance in workplaces, school, and job-training programs.  Employers are legally supposed to hire different races and ethnic genders  Develop a gender diversified pool of qualified people:
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