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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

How does gendering happen? Gendering persist due to the role played by institutions such as the family, education, the economy/workplace 1.) contribute to maintain and strengthening the social structure 2.) ensure compliance with power structures 3.) ensure the transmission of value systems How are issues of fender equity and human rights addressed globally? - Improvements are being made, but does this mean that equality between the genders is around the corner - Is the education system you have experienced/ are experiencing gender neutral? 3.) Gender and Education Most university students are women. According to statistics Canada’s national household survey, 64.8 per cent of working-age women now have a post-secondary education, compared with 63.4 per cent of men - Women overwhelmingly represented in particular professional domains such as childcare, administrative assistants, nurses and cashiers - Nine out of 10 workers are male in the professions such as truck driving, carpeting and electricians 4,) Gender and employment: The ‘’ Hidden Curriculum’’ The hidden curriculum refers to ideas, knowledge and skills taught implicitly Girls: tend to be seen as compliant and sensitive Boys: tend to be seen as boisterous and hyperactive Girls: praised for behavior/ Boys for academic performance Adolescence: gender intensification Self-esteem decreases during adolescence, more so for girl
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