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Women's and Gender Studies
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Anissa Talahite- Moodley

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Womans Gender LEC 1 1222013 104300 AM What is gender Identity choice constructed identity Why does it matterWhy society pays attention to gender understanding society as a whole Why study gender Its an interdisciplinarity study Lecture 2 1222013 104300 AMSex Determined at birth based on biologicalphysiological characteristics Gender Variations in behavior are motivated by evolution Lec 3 1222013 104300 AM It is a discipline of how gender is constructedThere is a twoway relationship between biological and anatomical differences sex and socially constructed differences between men and women genderGender determines how are lives are livedIt is difficult to separate sex and gender as both are determined by rules and normsIn this respect we can say that gender is socially and culturally constructed social constructionist view Female Emotional nurturing Private sphere eg home relationships Passive vulnerable Physical attractionMale Rational Public sphere eg outdoors work Proactive strong Physical strength Consequence of binarysIn other words categorizing people as male and female creates gender differencesThis process also gives us as individuals a sense that gender categories are real natural and essential essentializing processYou dont have no option its either or which is established by the binaryDichotomybinaries3 lenses of genderAndrocentrismGender PolarizationEssentialism
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