W5: Social Construction of Gender

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Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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Week 5 Social Construction of GenderSocial Constructionist ApproachGender differences are not the product of biological propertiesGender the product of social structures and cultureargued of gender is a product of social properties attainted to the process of socialization refers to the life long process of which people learn the characteristics of their groupgender culturereligion ethnicity etcGender not a property of the individualwere notborn of it it os a product of social construction on going life long complex process Gender the product of ongoing multilevel processes of social construction and reconstructionFive Levels of social construction individual perception compared to anotherIndividualInteractional the communication between individuals they shape their gender thought feelings and actions in relation to each other you dont realize youre a man or a womenalways an interacting with othersdeals with the structural bases of society ex economy banks financialInstitutional institutionsall together it creates economy but you dont see it but you can analysis it ex family equality religion ect invo
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