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Women's and Gender Studies
Konstantine Zakzanis

The Gendered Media 295303Ideas about gender appear in ways that are not obvious or overt and are often much more complex than they might seem at first glance Moral Panic and the Nasty GirlSeveral researchers indicate that the increase is more a reflection of the youth justice systems change in policy and chargoing practices than a real change in behaviorWe argue that the recent alaram over the girl violence is the product of moral panic that has had a significant impact on social educational legal policymaking How the Nasty Girl EmergedWarning phase of a panic there are predictions of impending doom sensitization to cues of danger frequent over reactions and rumours speculationg about what is happening or what will happen Subsequently a large part of the public becomes sensitized to the threat and as in the case of the Nasty girl when confronted with an actual act of girl violence their perception of danger and risk solidifies EX reena virk case provided evidence that girl violence had become a significant problem in Canada Statistics said that young girls crime had increased 200 since 1986however most articles failed to recognize that the increase was in reference to minor assaults such as pushing or slapping which did not cause serious injuryth Overall the dominant idea throughout most of the 20 century was that females who offend are rejecting their feminine role and are emulating their male counterpartAbsence of explanations put forward by media of Reena Virks marginalized positiong visa vis those who has beaten and killed her in The issue of race and racism was either absent from the media discourse or presented in terms of her inability to fit inWe argued that thru distortion exaggeration and statistical manipulation of data as well as expert evidence the media was able to construct a new breed of female the Nasty girl Who has become one of our current folk devilsThe effects of moral panic on policy makingThe panic over the nasty girl has had a significant impact on legal educational and social policy in CanadaWhile harsh legal policy is aimed at incapacitating both violent boys and girls informal mechanisms of control targeting young girls in particular have also resulted from the panic over girl violence
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