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Women's and Gender Studies
Siphiwe Dube

Feminist Theory Reading 1:  Women’s inequality, subordination, or the domination by men  Issue of gender asymmetry  Feminists theorists of color ground theory in assumption that one cannot understand women’s lives without also understanding the role of race/ ethnicity in shaping their experience  1920s- year in which women in the states were granted the right to vote o before this achievement the demand for women’s enfrachsement in politics and other areas dominated much of the thinking bout women even by those who felt that centering suffarage as the issue for women was a mistake  1920-1963:this period between the achievement to vote and the 1960s is often viewed as an era of diminished feminist activity  since the 17 century philosopher Descartes theorized a split b/w the mind and the body, women have been associated with nater, the body and the concrete conditions of life; men have been associated with culture, the mind and intellect and abstract philosophizing Cheris Karamarae: Feminism  3 basic positions during 1400-1789: o conscious stand in opposition to male defamation and mistreatment of women- dialectical opposition to misogyny o a belief that the sexes are culturally and not just biologically, formed; a belief that women were a social group shaped to fit male notions about the defective sex o and outlook that transcended the accepted value symtems of the time exposing and opposing the prejudice and narrowness; desife for a trul
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