WSTA03 Lec 1

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Women's and Gender Studies
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Anissa Talahite- Moodley

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WSTA03 Lec 1  Main objective: power, domination, inequality  Main objective o How can feminist theory help us understand o Feminism not just about gender; also about understanding social issues outside of gender - globalization, etc.  Some issues that theories of Feminism address  Course objective o People are the doctors and those that are “sick” symbolize inequality o Want to heal/find ways of curing inequality o Like medications, different theories have different side effects - things that are not right o Does not cover all theories  Teaching and learning strategies  Assignments  Weekly prep o Do readings o Take notes while reading o Writing questions and thoughts about readings o Highlighting main points  Personal reflection o Jan 29  Documentary o Why do people respond the way they do to Feminism?  People are worried about the way “feminism” i
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