WSTA03 Lec 2

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Anissa Talahite- Moodley

WSTA03 Lec 2  3. Recap (last week) o Metaphor of a sickness and using different theories as cures  There are side effects; no theory is perfect  “Theories of feminism” o What is a theory?  Needs to be proven  Opposite of practice  Theory is no good until it is put into practice  Supported by evidence o 1. Set of ideas; principles o 2. Explains something o 3. Contrasted with “practice” (doing)  Try to derive a theory from an example  4. Liberal Feminism o What types of gender inequalities does Liberal Feminism seek to redress?  Institutional level - law, being able to vote,  Private/public divide; about opening up the private sphere; getting women out of the kitchen, getting them in the public world  Emphasis on financial/economic independence of women • Gender gap, wage gap, etc.  Equality between men and women  Focus is on equal rights in a binary way  Some of the main principles of liberal feminism o 3 main aspects: o Equal access to opportunities for women o Promoting gender equality o Promoting women in male-dominated fields  Promote women in university doing non-traditional female subjects (math, engineering, cpu science)  Example 1: Sheryl Sandberg o “Lean in” by Sheryl Sandberg  This book reflects how liberal feminism might still be valid and used in our lives  Video: o Is Sandberg displaying some aspects of Liberal Feminism, which ones?  Gendered socialization of children • Looking at language • E.g. “bossy” - used more for girls than boys and in a derogative way  Breaking through the glass ceiling  Affirmative action - having enough equal representation  Can have a situation where men do half of the housework and can be called a “hero” while women are thought to have to do these things • Not really a liberal feminist idea  Not just a wage gap, there is also an ambition gap - not just due to gender, also due to socioeconomic background  When looking at ambition gap, not just a gendered gap; also due to social status, cultural  Women want to be liked therefore are not ambitious enough o What are the criticisms of Sandberg’s concept of “leaning in”?  It is like she is suggesting women should try to be like men  Margaret Thatcher - had to change her voice so it was lower and get rid of her hat, so she would be taken more seriously (and seen in a patriarchal way)  Writing center o Personal reflection: o Reflecting  What: what’s interesting, stimulating. Like a description; making it clear you have an overview on the topic  So what: how did it affect you?  Significance?/ Now what?: think of what is controversial, problematic, limiting about the theory  Use THREE references/quotes from the textbook  Strategies used by Liberal Feminism to deal with gender inequalities o What types of solutions to these inequalities does Liberal Feminism have to offer? o E.g.  Equal-opportunities legislation • Abortion rights • Affirmative action - companies want to hire from underrepresented groups/minorities o Have a quota  Affirmative action  Gender mainstreaming  Breaking the glass ceiling • Allowing women to be in more managerial positions - right now, there is no pressure for companies to do this • Emphasis traditionally has been on childcare • Metaphor of having a door being closed; it is about holding the door, in a sense, for other women • About entering that patriarchal work spa
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