WST03 Week 1: Theory, Feminism, Feminist Theory

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Go over liberal feminismthWeek 1 Theory Feminism Feminist Theory Jan 9 Liberalism we have free rights have the ability to do what we like under a reasonable limit o most important principle we have the right human beings are equal are equal but men and women are not the sameRadical Feminismo sexual organs are different different body parts women have the ability to get pregnant men have larger brain bc of body size o goes back to the differences of biological realities started the penis envy state of women jealous of men having a penisMarxist Feminism TheoryHow to think about theory What is theory ExampleScenario Why did Amina stop talking to SusanAmina decides to end friendship with Susan ppl started gossiping and wonder why Sarah a friend created theory that S was badmouthing Amina which is why Amina broke up with Susansimply a guess and does not know for sure and is not theorizing because she only offered a guesstheory is not a guessing gameTheory vs guessingguess
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