Week 2 Reading Notes

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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

WEEK 2 NOTESJUDITH LORBERChapter 1 Liberal Feminism y Sources of gender inequalityGendered socialization of childrenWomens primary responsibility for child care and household maintenanceDivision of paid work into womens jobs and mens jobsDevaluation and low pay for womens jobsRestricted entry into top positions glass ceilingLimitations on procreative choice y PoliticsGenderneutral childrearing and educationBringing women into occupations and professions dominated by men and breaking through the glass ceiling to positions of authority affirmative actionBringing more women into politics through equalrepresentation rules and financial support Promoting gender mainstreaming in laws and policies ensuring attention to womens needsSharing parenting and subsidizing child careLegal accessible and affordable procreative servicesy Critique Too much emphasis on the similarities of women and men hiding the positive qualities of women such as empathy and nurturanceToo much attention to paid work and careers for women as the most meaningful life style Too little recognition of the divisions among women especially racial ethnic and social class status that confer additional disadvantages Too little attention to sexual violence and rapey ContributionsMaking language childrens books and education more gender neutral Making formal and informal gender discrimination visible and countering its effects by mentoring and networking in womens professional and occupational associations Working with civil rights organizations to frame affirmative action guidelines and to bring lawsuits for women and disadvantaged men Getting more women elected and appointed to government positionsEncouraging employers and governments to provide workplace child care and paid parental leaveGetting abortion legalized and procreative rights recognized as human rights
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