Week 2 Lecture Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)

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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

Week 2 Liberal FeminismElements of Feminine ThoughtRecapy A critique of misogynysexual hierarchy y Focuses on real womenthe category woman as the subjects of analysis y Offersan expanded account of social and political life y Contains some elements of collectivismsocial activismy Its area of inquiry concerns both men and women y Feminist theory is a critique of misogynysexual hierarchy y Object of feminist thought is the woman gendered beings are the objects of our feminists thoughtinquiry y Social life is not limited to your own personal experiences this is what is meant by the expanded account of social and political lifeThe Plurality of Feminist Thought y Feminist theoriesDo not necessarily contradict each otherThe plurality and diversity of feminist thoughtHow to differentiatecategorize these theories o Different approaches o Examples o Relational versus Individual o Equality versus Difference o To divide them to various
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