Week 4 Reading Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)

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Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

WEEK 4 NOTESJUDITH LORBERChapter 23Chapter 2Marxist Feminismy Sources of gender inequality Exploitation of women in unwaged work for the familyUse of women workers as a reserve army of labourhired when the economy needs workers fired when it does not Low pay for womens jobsy PoliticsPermanent waged work for womenGovernmentsubsidized maternal and child health care childcare services financial allowances for childrenUnion organizing of women workers y CritiqueEarly theorists neglected to integrate racial ethnic exploitation into gendered class analysesPermanent fulltime jobs do not relieve wives and mothers of homebased responsibilities Reliance on welfarestate benefits locks women into child care as their prime roley ContributionsRecognition that women are subordinated as secondclass citizens Gender analysis of the exploitation of women as paid and unpaid workers in capitalist communist and socialist economiesMaking visible the necessity and worth of womens unpaid work in the home to the functioning of the economy and to the social reproduction of future workersConcept of gender consciousnessy Marxist feminism argued that the economic structure and the material aspects of life were the main source of gender inequalityy Wives and mothers are vital to capitalism because their unpaid work in the home maintains bosses and workers and reproduces the next generation of bosses and workers and their wives y Work in the marketplace and work in the home are inextricably intertwined in a dual system of capitalism and patriarchy because of womens low value in the workplace marriage or a mans financial help is an economic necessity but her work in the home is not only necessary to the physical and emotional wellbeing of her husband and children it is also vital to capitalist economiestheir work make it possible for men to go to work and children to go to school
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