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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

WEEK 6 NOTESJUDITH LORBERChapter 12 Postmodern Feminism and Queer Theory y Sources of gender inequalityThe belief that gender and sexuality are fixed and inevitableConstraints of gender and sexual normalityCultural and individual replication of normative gender and sexual behaviour y PoliticsConstantly questioning what is supposedly normal about gender and sexualityDemonstrating the fluidity of gender and sexual boundariesQueeringsubverting binary gender and sexual categoriesFighting for gay and transgender rights y CritiquePostmodern free agency and queering have a narrow individualistic scope Too little attention is paid to structural and institutional controls over behaviourEmphasis on individual acts of transgression does not change gender constraints y ContributionsThe concept of performativitygender does not exist without gender displayDeconstructionmaking visible the gender and sexual performances in what is considered normal and naturalQueer theorychallenging the gender sex and sexual binaries with multiple sexualities and transgendering Making visible and destigmatizing diverse sexualities and gender performancesy Postmodern feminism focuses on gender identities body displays and sexualities arguing that these can be shaped and manipulated by individuals postmodern feminism strips away the facade of the normal and natural showing that what we dont see is the performativity of heterosexuality femininity masculinity postmodern feminism claims that it is the constant performance of normative gender and sexuality that maintains the gendered social ordery Those who queer gender and sexuality rebel against the strictures of oppositional and fixed categories they construct ambiguities and blur borders in order to undermine the social foundations of physical sexual and gender binaries Postmodernism and Feminism y Postmodernism undermines foundational categories by insisting that bodies identities and statuses are contingenttimebound situational and culturally shaped feminism has been a movement for and about women y Postmodern feminists insist that postmodernism can free feminism from the constraints of gender norms conventional body ideals and heteronormativity using postmodern methods of deconstructing the ways that cultures produce symbolic social worlds of
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