Week 6 Lecture Notes (along with Powerpoint Notes)

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Victoria Tahmasebi

WEEK 6 Postmodern FeminismQueer TheoryPostmodernism y A critical reaction to basic tenets of enlightenment and modernityy Modernity y Human beings areRationalself interestedWith stablecoherentidentities y When someone defines themselves as modern you are creating a dichotomy I am not dependent on a man unlike being traditional y Postmodernity is a critique of modernityy The basic assumptions of modernitylibertyy Humans are rational stable have fixed coherent identities they can rationally understand their self interests y After WWIIpostmodernism came out after this crisis Postmodern Human Nature y No fixed nature y born within a web of linguistic culturalsocial relations y No fixed identityy Identity fluid ever changing and sometimes contradictory y Subject a system of signs created through difference and dichotomizingy Postmodernism claims you are caught in a web of linguistic cultural and social relations y Identities are contradictory why Because we have multiple identities and all of these contradict with each other at times each identity is a subject in its own terms and these terms carry with it certain advantages and certain disadvantages you mightbe a high class women but get abused at homeWho is a Woman y A matter of representationy A woman an empty signifier an empty sign into which we throw different meanings y In relation to man y The woman what the man is notvice versa y Binary oppositionsy We introduce ourselves through signs and symbols we collect these signs to represent ourselves we all create these signs to identify ourselves with those signs for instance a suit can symbolize power a man can affirm his masculinities through the suit and with
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