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Women's and Gender Studies
Roberta Fulthorpe

March 12 Post after or future Post coluniusm and post modernism came about in almost the same time Post colonial theory they are addressing that after WW2 the world changed It is trying to address the concept of revolutionalyindependence Video feminist or a womanist liberal feminist changed most of women policies etc ppl wud only address women rights as white pplESSAY Not wha these theories have not enabled us to seebuh write about what they have prompt us to seeLec Ecofemenist Human naturehuman nature is not separate from the natural environment It is created in an organic relationship with the natural environment Ecology creates and shapes human nature What is ecology relationship between organisms and the environment EX the relationship btw humans n nature creates and ecology If the relation is sick and bad then the ecology is weak Hunting gathering society they coexisted with the natural environment they had a pecfull existence with their envinrotnment The eco feminist conclude that hunting gathering society had a peacefulrelation ecologyand therefore they were less dominating less aggressive The nature is more intone with nature psycho Lets
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