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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Roberta Fulthorpe

Masculinity studies Masculinity study made visible thru women n gender studies Images of masculinity are often confusing and contradictory in what senseHow media represent the ideal men Tht men are courageous competent they shud always be in control and the images in the movies are bound EX brad pit tom cruise On the other hand we have the genre romantic sensitive men EX brain donsleyLonardo in titanic Women on the other praise men who are sensitive and who can admit to his volubility they admire sensitivity of men and at the same time they admire the toughness in men This is very contradictory These two messages are contradictory and hard to fulfill There is a crisis in masculinity and feminity Studies show most heterosexual men fall short when they have to fulfill both these standards Male standards six historical periods History of western civilization we can put in in 6 historical periods 1 Epic maleepic make in the first period the epic Saugus of greeek and roman around 800 Bc In this period the ideal man is thethe major features of this masculinity are action beginning of patriarchy2 Spritual man 4001000 AD It is the time of the teaching of Jesus and the early church fathers in this era the ideal man is the spiritual man Major features restrained sexual activity antifeminine anti homo sexual attitude strong patriarchal vies3 Chivalric man 12 century In this era feudalism and chivalric court of honour define the court of
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