Lecture 05

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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Connie Guberman

Week 4 Feminist in a feminist approach Feminism gained widespread usage in the 1890s in the western world. It identified to women who supported public role for women. Historically women’s role has been defined to be in the homes. They supported women’s right to be autonomous and independent being. One of the great struggles for women taking up space in the public domain in the western world was the suffrage. Suffrage movement was when they gained the right to vote. Feminists in the early years were noted as women who were trying to gain space in the public domain (the right to vote). The definition of feminism has changed since the 60s. It has brought sexual, economic, public, etc. What did feminism stand for? What were women actually fighting against? They were fighting oppression and trying to gain inequality. It got translated through the media as against men. They were fighting the assumption that it was women’s natural role to be in the homes, and that home was the proper place. Women were considered nurturer by nature. Feminism is all about challenging the values and assumptions. Women face some sort of barrier just because they are women. What is Feminism: 1. Ethics or methodology, a complex way of thinking about the condition of women’s lives. Adrienne Rich 2. Politics directed at changing power relations particularly affecting men and women in the society. 3. Bell hooks – social economic and political commitment to eradicating and race, class and sexual domination. It’s about reorganizing society in a way that individuals needs and social needs take precedent over economic and imperial. Interviews/oral history Open ended interview – allowing someone to open up and discuss. It allows the person being
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