WSTB10- Week 9- Ecofeminism

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Women's and Gender Studies
Annissa Talahite Moodley

WSTB10- Week 10- Ecofeminism Wangaei Maathai- Phd- “Man is digging her own grave when he cuts the trees” First African woman, environmentalist to be awarded nobel prize. “We must start up in what we believe in and we cannot be intimidated” Women – reproduction, Exploitation of the land Ecofeminism- is not just about the environment 1980s the word came out as a result of the growing movement in England where women were fighting against the military bases in the north of England. Crenham Commons. The tree planting movements- there was a growing link between feminism and environment. It’s a critique of modern science (and positivist thinking)- separating nature and culture (technology). “Nature has to be controlled” through technology A critique of capitalism, colonialism and imperialism An attempt to promote an earth- honoring spirit. Controlling- female body had to be controlled. Their secxuality had to be controlled and men were more rational then men. Earth and women needed to be tamed an controlled and the civilization would be of men who would be controlling. Colonialism- established a way of thinking that some races needed to be controlled and civilized through the superior races. Ecofeminism qu
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