Week 6 Lecture

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Women's and Gender Studies

LGBT replaced by LGBTIQqueerstrange weird negative term in 50s and 60sused to oppress used to othershift from LGBTIQ to queer is due to postmodernismpostmodernism is norm in humanities theres no fixed categories no real reality no truthqueer language came out of postmodernismqueer would say LGBTIQ is still in fixed category of gay tran etcso queer became allencompassing wordqueer theory LGBTIQ is too much about categories not fluid enoughassociated words fluidity fluid nature of identities context different identities are different in contexts spectrum we need to understand gender and sexuality as fixed spectrumqueer theory says we all sit somewhere on the spectrumwe all have pieces of identity that fit on the spectrumtransbiologically male who gender identified to female or female who gender identified to maleheteronormativestraight is normal the view of the world that we all have regardless of cultureeg displays of normative affectionwhen queer couple make out we noticeeg heteronormative languagegay is offensive when talking about girlfriendboyfriend that is a form of exclusionmust form a more inclusive society so use the word partner ins
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