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Women's and Gender Studies

Termsheteronormativityothering discoursedowryheterosexismnodrop prosecutionprotection of women homophobiatemporary restraining against domestic violence Queer Theoryorders2006LGBTIQcriminalizingdue dillegencegender fluidityspectrumsafetytransreformLectureintimatedomestic violenceone of the challenges in addressing this topic is were dealing with who is suffering from violencedomestic violence have implicationsabuse within the space of the householdintimate violencepeople dont have to be living togethersharing household to experience violence could be experiencing violence from boyfriendin general were dealing with heterosexual men with heterosexual womenwe see domestic violence coming out of relationships where both men and women feel safetheres a constant threat inherent concern that theres something wrong in the relationshipwere dealing with phenomenon of heterosexual men hitting women they lovewe can talk in generalities but theres violence occurring in samesex couples couples who dont live together or couples who dont love each other anymoreparticularly in Canadian culture but also global culturewe tend to think of ourselves as a place where everyone has the rights people are moving to a better place where they have basic rights and where they can be taken care ofhowever there are serious problems with domestic violence62 of women are killed in spousal violenceamong all who were killed in Canada onehalf of women were killed by someone whom they had in a relationship withwomen are overwhelmingly killed by someone that they are connected to13 women killed by boyfriends in relationship with but were not living with75 women killed in 2004of all women in Canada 75 report violenceaboriginal women report 25 experience in domestic violencelonerability increases womens chance to experience violencevictims tend to be young women tend to be in relationship that are less than three yearsHow we have come to talk about domestic violenceincrease in naming it as violencemen being responsible for women in their livesmen representing having power over the people in the householdsthings that went on between a man and his partner are put in private spheredomestic violence was placed specifically in private sphereoutside of law enforcement theyre not supposed to be concerned about private relationshipspeople started to argue that intimate violence have huge implications for safety politics law law enforcement police have right to be involved in violent actions in household
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