Week 8 Lecture

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Women's and Gender Studies

Termsmale privilegeChilly Climatequid pro quogender role spilloverhostile work environmentSexual Harassmentsexual harassment is work relatedquid pro quoa type of harassment when someones boss tell they have to sleep with them or else they wont be promotedsexual harassmentanytime someone feels constrained in their activities because of other peoples statements or actions relating to gender or sexualityincludes peer harassment in school areas includes different ways people can become uncomfortablepower over another person is being expressed in sexual and gender termsthere is a power struggle going on power authority statement is being made over gender and sexualitysexual harassment is a serious problem in our culture is a productenforcement of sexual terrorismto remind women that they are women and are subject to males commands and demandsto constrain womens choices and mobilitymale privilegemen have power advantage if two people applying for same position often there is preference to the man men are better candidatesmen dont often think about whether they are safe dont worry about hanging out with bossmen dont have to ask themselves questions
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