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Women's and Gender Studies

Exam: short definitions (5 marks?) ∗ focus on context: who, what, where, why, when, how ∗ why is it important? – “it is important because it helps us understand…” ∗ what is it related to? related to men… ∗ are they beliefs/ideologies (what people think or believe) or actions (who and where it happens)? ∗ give examples ∗ say at least three things about word ∗ misogyny (belief) = hatred for women; relates to patriarchy…action is when men go out and commit violence against women because they have hatred for women ∗ heteronormativity (belief) = belief about heterosexuals (straight people) as the norm/normal; making straight the norm ∗ heterosexism (action) = discriminating gay people; sexism = privileging straight people above non-straight/queer/LGTBIQ people = putting one above the other ∗ -ism = privilege ∗ honour killings (action)/shame honour complex (belief) go to pg. 127, 129 of Merry book o male members of family kill female family member for being suspicious of shame, particularly in southeast Asia and Middle East o for example, if a woman had sex before marriage or was raped… ∗ quid pro quo (action) = related to workplace sexual harassment; when someone gives something in return for promotion, e.g. when boss asks girl out/wear shorter skirt, etc. ∗ sexual terrorism (action) = the fear that random sexual acts will happen anytime; e.g. beating wife in bed in morning or when they come home o terrorism = random acts of violence that you cannot predict as opposed to patterned violence ∗ institutional/systemic/structural sexism = broader picture of where it stems from; meta-level (social level) analysis; how are these beliefs carried forward? how do we learn them? through socialization in school, social construction o institutional sexism = how sexism happens at global/social level; how we reinforce is through socialization or social construction o e.g. institutions looking at men o sexism = pri
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