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Women's and Gender Studies

Activism -looking at cross-hatch of different ways to focus on problem -geographical – local issues (community) or national scale -focus on trauma/crisis rather than focus on cultural change (large cultural factors and reduce them to save gender violence against women) -in North America: -people started to focus on distinctive problems that had socially available solutions -so thinking structurally -how cultural should be changed to protect women -feminism and women’s oppressed roles within society moving into specific trauma/crisis responses and those activities reflecting back to larger society -focus on individuals and ways how social structures can change to make all women safer from gender violence -women who suffered from sexual assault are affected from sexual harassment, etc. -“the personal is political” -problems that individual women were public problems that everyone in world need to know and get involved in -there were structural problems that society worked, we’re dismissed that cultural problems are private issues -these movements focused on disrupting these beliefs and there was a role for public intervention in these areas -through these movements, we get parallel focuses on criminalizing and safety -both movements interested in making gender violence/sexual assault illegal and punished -getting a way perpetrator can be punished for, get people punished -also, finding ways to increase safety, e.g. restraining orders, therapeutic counselling for women -advocacy for cities, making paths greater, walking escorts -a big focus on changing way how culture talk about these things and therefore increase women’s safety -crisis intervention – phone lines, shelter to raise awareness of issues and teach young people how relationships should be like -initial anti-rape movements began to be criticized, not acknowledging differences between women -gender violence ends up being about race, class, ethnicity, affiliations, etc. -today (contemporary movement), there are a variety of people interested in opening up conversation to different people -structural movement makes room for women’s voice, making pluralism and letting women define their issues -movements against gender violence that come from very culturally specific concerns and background -movements against dowry, honour killings in Mediterranean and southeast Asia, movement against trafficking (child trafficking and sex in Thailand) -many people around world think of transnational feminism rather than global feminism -transnational feminism = there are movements in most countries around the world; emphasize connections movements together as conversation rather than economic globalization talking about imperialism (West dominating other countries) -e.g. arguments about female genital cutting, advocacy positions not useful in home countries -they argue instead that movements must be led by transnational -people who prefer transnational feminism like that it gives respect and doesn’t impose Western is universal thing, there are other solutions and ways of seeing the problem -it engages the conversation of human rights Conversation of human rights -trying to stop gender violence -human rights cannot be taken from you, you are not excluded from participation from getting human rights because of race, doesn’t matter what person you are, as long as you are human you have these basic rights -discourses created around race and preventing issues around race issues -use human rights to talk about gender and violence, etc. -you can’t forfeit your human rights through your actions -no matter what person you are, you can’t shed/get rid of them through particular behaviours -advocates of human rights make point that you can’t lose it even through criminal acts (murder) -you cannot get rid of these through y
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