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Women's and Gender Studies
Caleigh Cruickshank

Lecture 4: Gendered culture of children’s media - The roots of our literature on media come to as when we’re children - Children are mass consumers of media, average child watches or re-watches one movie a day and has at least 20 DVDS. - How media shapes gender expectations. Color Coding children: - Gender matters for babies, intensely color coded - Pink and blue is a relatively a new phenomenon - In the 1800s up until the 1930’s baby blue was for girls, and pink for men because it was a watered down version of red. - For a long time little boy wore pink and little girls wore blue. The Pink and Blue Project: - Toys are used to further things like the pink and blue project. - Jeong mee Yoon - Took pictures of different families around the world asking kids/children to display all their pink and blue belongings. - Boys are encouraged to embrace all except PINK while girls are taught to only embrace PINK. Children’s T.V and Film - Gender representation in creative worlds that are basically limitless. - Yet gender representation is not to see creative in animation television. - If there’s a narrator is almost always usually a man. - Over emphasis on sexuality and sexualization of the female in children’s media. - Animated films wear more sexually revealing clothe thing then live films. 1.) Valued for their appearance 2.)Shortsighted goals, daydreamers, derailed or dare devils. Daydreamers, no real goal or inspirations, except maybe finding love, this character is passive and does not really have a plan a good example of a daydreamer would Snow white. Derailed. Characters who are derailed do have plans but get board sited by romance for the sake of love. Daredevils, may encounter love but do not give up what they are in pursuit of for love. 3.)Love for (One dimensiona
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