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Women's and Gender Studies
Caleigh Cruickshank

Lecture 5: Journalism, women and the News - When we’re talking about women and news there are three things we can talk about, women as news authors, women as news subjects and women as new audiences. Alisa Miller: Ted Talks - Covering Britney is cheaper - Not much coverage is dedicated to international news. - Its not because we are not interested. - The real question is the story of a worldview? What we want for Americans in a increasingly global world Naomi Klein: The brutal Calculus of suffering - An Canadian activist, journalist and author - Some blood is priceless and some blood is cheap - It’s us that get to choose whose lives are important. - Talks about how 9/11 and how we didn’t see much of the things that went on elsewhere. - We care about people who look like us more then people who don’t - The people who make media never question process of globalization. - The global ‘’ we’’ reaches into the homes of people who are not apart of the London / New York network. - They are not used and they can in turn become angry at that representation. - We retire to live inside our advertisements. - It sends a message that Americans care only about Americans and no ones else’s stories are worth hearing about First Article: women are on but not in the news - Mainstreaming: the idea that if someone consumes a lot of television they may believe that that’s more of reality then their own experiences. - Women are being told in certain stories and that may determine what women reporters report - Only certain types of topics are appropriate for certain reports. Female reporters - Certain women defy the examples of what women reporters are represented as. For an example Katie Kirkuk, Barbara Walters. - Women are more visible on the news more then ever but are still given gender related roles. - Women reported more human and health stories, men reported more politics stories. - Men were used more as commentators. - - Second Article: Women as news subjects - - Only 71 countries only 17% percent of the worlds news subjects were women - Mass media subjects are to make meaning not only money, and what kind of meaning are they mak
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