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University of Toronto Scarborough
Women's and Gender Studies
Caleigh Cruickshank

Lecture 7: T.V Genres and Genders - Television has taken a hit because of the Internet but it is still prevalent. Reality Television: - People often describe reality TV as a guilty pleasure. - There’s something pleasurable about peeking in on the supposed reality of someone else. Posner Article: - Pozner: Breaks down why reality television is horrible for women. - Pozner: reality television is anything but unscripted. - If you take reality television as reality then you take women as catty. Bitchy, etc. - You see things like the claws are about to come out, and replay the clips of agony between women. - There’s also a lot of racial and class division in reality television, the Pole, the Jew, the Asian. - They slide each other on the race; they also not only cast but encourage racial slurs. - For an example in the show lakeshore Toronto the racial slurs contradict the multiculturalism of Toronto. - Jessica Simpson, and Paris Hilton say not so smart thing, reality television emphasizes not - Women come off in traditional roles but not very good at it. - Its boob powers and not brain power that gets you ahead on reality television. - Pozner: reality shows are not just mindless bluffs their political and play on stereotypical gender roles. Is sex and the city a feminist show? - Its all about new York and Manha
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