Lecture #11

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Women's and Gender Studies
Caleigh Cruickshank

Lecture 11: music, music videos and representation Music is also an area that defines our definition of masculinity and feminity. Dreamworlds video:  Examines the dreamworlds that videos and music create  However one gender dreamworld may differ from another’s.  Its used female sexuality to draw the crowds  There’s a consist story about feminity and masculinity.  Constructing feminity: what it means to be a man or man comes from stories and music videos make clear that what is most important about a woman is her sexuality.  Women are presented as aggressors that wont take no for answer.  Sexualizing women’s behavior even when men are not absent and that’s saying that men are absent women is nonexistent.  Weather its Beyonce; Christina Aguilera or Britney spears the message is the same.  Black masculinity? Why are these images of black masculinity so connected to the sexualized images of women in hip-hop?  The view that women are solely there for male pleasure and they’re to be controlled.  The images we see in videos are never innocent never an accident. In music videos the person being watched is considered passive thus we think that all women are passive.  Women’s bodies are looked at the same way we look at landscape; it’s to be examined, observed, and gazed at.  Female artists have to fit in to the existing story. Women have to present themselves primarily as sexual beings. Major themes in Dreamworld Videos:  The message here is that woman’s bodies on display across various kinds of music.  There’s a pattern that women are displayed for sexuality and that’s all that’s matters about them, they’re portrayed as young, sexy, and want sex all day. Women are degraded and treated as sexual objects.  There’s violent imagery. And it’s made as though women enjoy that violence.  The author of the video looks at questions like What kind of reality does that create what kind of world view does it normalize and what does It tell us about what it means to be male or female. First article: Lavende article  Author is a musician and scholar of women studies  Noticed the change from pop music in the early 90’s she noticed a real hyper-sexualization of women.  What concerns her most is that this is made to look like a feminist move. Example: spice girls, and the spice world getting girls to follow on the bases that it is a feminist move. Hijacking of
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