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Women's and Gender Studies
Caleigh Cruickshank

Lecture 12: Chick lit What is Chicklit?  Literature that’s suppose to appeal to women  Literature written by women for women.  Chicklit as literature genre started with Bridget Jones diary that is mother of chicklits.  She was an icon and many women indentified with her clumsy ways  She put women that are single and in they’re 30s on the map.  Defined as white girl in the big city searching for Mr. Rite while shopping. Dieting and having lunch with her token gay friend.  Often a evil boss who gets his or her do in the end. Usually a best friend, has bad dating experience and falls in love with an unintended love interest. Brand name dropping and pop culture references.  Pink: even the ones that aren’t in pink are pastels and your supposed to know automatically which gender this literature is reserved for.  Romance novels are considered to be one of the most embarrassing literatures to be reading on the subway.  You start by sinking into his arms and end by sinking your hands into his sink (feminist approach). Body chopping in chicklit:  Usually displays shoes and high heels on covers.  If its not high heels it’s a cartoon women strolling around the cover  A headless women  And another common one is the martini.  What is the cover reminding us of? Sexy and city falls under these plot lines  It’s also an appealing life style for escaping your own reality your own life.  Taking classic novels and turning them into a chicklit style.  Author suggests that Jane Austin was chicklit. Because they had the same coming of age story, and plot. Women and literature  All women can write is romantic sappy stuff.  Some women posed at men to be able to write and get representation.  That’s only for girls only a silly kind of girls that we don’t respect  Chicklit and chick flick termed by men to staple media that is reserved for women.  The idea if a chick culture. Ryan article:  Compares chicklit to sitcoms like Seinfeld.  Privileging the joke above the story  Puts friends above family.  Ryan says there not all literally junk food and that we should pay just much attention to high culture as we do pop-culture like art and opera. Chicklit and Post-feminism: Second article:  Post feminism: we’ve moved past feminism and we are now equal  Interesting denial and acceptance at the Same time: Post feminism/ pleasures or problems? We say we’re moving past feminism and do
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