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Women's and Gender Studies
Tahmasebi- Birgani

WSTB13thJanuary 11 2012Introductory Lecture Exam questions are going to be on topic and these from lectureMedia Is a formidable influence in reinforcing gender stereotypes Media messages print TV movies cable news entertainment media etc Implicitly and sometimes explicitly overtly and covertly support misogyny and contribute to negative stereotypes about women and feminism Gender and gender relations the perception of love and romance where did you get this idea from The idea of the perfect man youre going to fall in love with Disney movies soap operas etcFeminism and feminist media has been very negative Feminist have been told lesbian or bitch taking unfair advantages in the workplace etc Examples of Studies on MediaGender We know that overt racism is not very acceptable nowadays in the media or at least not politically correct but sexism is absolutely tolerated which says something about the culture There are numerous studies on how gender is depicted in the media These images being out there doesnt mean that youre going to be affected by all of them however these images are so pervasive that every research founds that there are bound to have profound effects of our perception on gender Our shopping patterns are so much influenced by ads 2009 US census found that Americans spend 69 hours of week exposed to different forms of media Many studies link the presence of these images to issues
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