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Women's and Gender Studies
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Jeri English

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Jan 24, 2013 Lecture 03 The Complete Persepolis pg 131-talks about how Marji is holding on to the Muslim and western identity at the same time -transcultural identity Part 2 of the book-she starts to grow up physically, she is 14 when she is moved to Austria  what happens to Marji in Austria? what physically happens to her there? she starts to wear makeup, and she starts to put on makeup, and she cuts her hair she does live with a group of nuns, and later with a group of gay men she also starts on drugs, and also has physical relationship with men, and she has sex she has no parents with her so she on her own in the first book, in the second book the narrator voice the separation become less important, because the narrator and character become one of the same she has more capacity in the second book she can make more choices, because she has an extra agency but she doesn’t use it wisely she become homeless in Austria and she goes back to her home to her parents in Iran Pg 177 and Pg 134-there is a comparison, as in both she is living with nuns  she has that expectations, and that is not the case  she says that there is this equavilent of moral police in all societies  when she moves to Austria, she makes lots of friends yet she loses touch with them, when she becomes homeless she goes back to her parents, her family back home  when she becomes part of the rebellious group in school, later on she herself thinks of themselves silly 1 Jan 24, 2013  Pg 285 and 286-she accuses someone of harassing her so wont get arrested because she was wearing lipstick  her finacee finds it funny when she tells him about this incident   Pg 291- The Body  Bordo talks about that if were to spend all the time in transforming our bodies, it takes our mental energy and then we don’t feel like don’t doing anything else  the female body becomes a source of transformation, as we transform it with different products in the market  Second Part of the book  Pg 184-  Pg 189-she is describing puberty, she is fragmenting her own body, and its her own eyes, and she is seeing only the body parts she talks about problematic  she later on she tries to change her look, and ther are many times in the book, when she tries to to transform herself, and to represent herself physically  she went through a
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