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Lecture 2: Is biology Destiny?

Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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Women and Gender Studies
Is Biology Destiny?
Biological Explanation
Biological Assumptions
Anatomy is decisive
Basis for the difference in mens and womens experiences
Example: Johan Gray, the author of a popular book `Men are from Mars, Women are
from Venus`
Play central role in our understanding of both gender difference and gender
They seem to objective scientific facts`
Seem to agree with our own observations
There is a certain conceptual tidiness to biological explanations
They assure us that what we see, is how its supposed to be
Social is natural
A)These inequalities that exist are natural
B)These inequalities stand from biological differences
C)Therefore, these differences are fixed and changeable and inevitable
They make many of us feel good
1)It reassures us that these existing inequalities are not our fault, and we are not
to blame. This is the work of nature
2)We cannot be held responsible for the way we act
3)No amount of political initiative, and social reform
Biological Theories-A Historical Review
Goes back to the late 19th Century
Darwins Theory
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