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Lecture 10

WSTA03 Lecture 10: W10 masculinity studies .docx

Women's and Gender Studies
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Victoria Tahmasebi

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Boregoue man
- status and matter
- colonialism, exploring the world
Modern man
- emerged
- individualistic, independent, solidary, fighting against the world
- masculinity, must be violated by war and competition
- work, physical violence, risk taking dominance, competition and above all, muscular body
Common attributes:
- strength (physical, mental, or )
- you cannot say one is more of a man
Hegemonic Masculinity
Idealized norms
Acted out by the most powerful men
White, middle class, and heterosexual
Other masculine styles are rendered inadequate and inferior
Harms men of color, poor men, “third world” men, and non-heterosexual men
Harms women
- is culturally nomadic idea of masculinity within a structure of social relations, where some men are
subordinated – those traits in cultures idealizes, normalize it
&through that some men subordinate other men
- are those acted out by the most powerful men – power relations; they decide which traits are ideal
ex. White/heterosexual class men
- harms men into subordinate groups (men of color, poor men, non-heterosexual men)
- harms women; in a position to wipe out which is feminine
Hegemonic Masculinity: Norms
- some rules are institutionalized
- these are the roles of the norms in specific culture; or historically
- no individual man is all these traits
1. Anti feminine Norm
- powerful norm stigmatized stereotypical feminine and qualities associated with femininity ( openness,
expressing emotions, ect)
2. Norms of Interpersonal Relations
- disguises friendship in between men or women; men should not have close friends (intimacy)
- associated with a lot of health problems men have (suicide, heart attack, stress, ect)
- tells men that emotional expression drives others away, rather than brining them together
3. Success Norm
- psychologically studies show that men achieve at a huge cost
- financial security
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