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21 Apr 2012

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Postmodernism and human nature
Signifies a break, offers good compare and contrast …work very well with other theories
Radical critique/liberal approach
Modernity =m independent
M modern m independent, not dependent on men.
Post-modernism is a critique of modernism but not a regression of traditional values.
Human are rational, self interested with stable and coherent identities
Post modernis say human nature have no fixed nature. Humans are born in a web of linguistic,
cultural and social realtions. Think about spider man> web of LCS.
Humans are fluid, ever changing and contradictory. WHY? Human have several identities they
contradict each other. We have different seleves they don’t always want the same thing.
SUBJECTHOOD: system of science. We all introduce ourseleve through sign and symbols. We are
all a combination of sign. Our subject. …a sign is anything an individual can attach meaning,
significant. EX: picture
Three characteristics about human identity when it comes to sign.
o The creation we represent ourselves through sign; each embodies a meaning to
represent ourselves, we perform our gender: EX: what we wear, how we talk.
o Gender identity is acquird through socialization. We perform our gender through
socialiazing. We have a role if perpetuating it, we can confirm to status quo. We become
agent of our own gender identity
o Gender identities through difference: we distinguish our difference from others.
Who is a woman?
o Matter of representation
o Roles that are script and then we learn them. Imagine if we I din perform femaleness<
we cant do it.
o A woman is an empty signifier: it’s an empty sign. In which we throw different
meanings. The meanings come from culture, religion E.t.c.
o The woman cannot be created, without it being different from the manhood. Signs
create themselves by letting us know that they are different from other signs < binary
o Patriarchy: works within this binary thinking.
o What is the cause of women oppression? They would say its binary thinking.
o Thinking like that limits our thoughts and creates unnecessary inequalities and power
struggle. It usually privileges one term over the other EX: I am rich or I am not. It hides
power relations.
Causes of womens’s oppression?
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