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21 Apr 2012
Post colonialism
Bolded stuff on exam
Human nature
Individual location in the social & political context, inseparable, influenced by colonies that are shaped
by colonial power relations, few western powers. Rejects and Universalist and unitary conceptions of
human nature.
Universalist: to have universal/general, disregard some history, relation, have a general definition of
human nature.
Unitary: mean to have non-controversial definition of human nature. Different parts of human nature
contradicts with each other. A narrative composed by European. The most effective way is to impose
universal unitary+are part of colonism.
Who is woman?
no universal definition of womanhood. European grand narrative. Cultural differences among women
are important. Woman- meaning within the context of the global hegemony of the West. The
intersections of local & global power dynamics. Destabilizes binary opposition that colonism has
created. Multiple position. Narrative explains the world with one explanation “Euro centrism”.
Post0modernism critorize liberal feinsm because of the narrow definition of women. Post colonism
show a contractual inclusive definition of women.
Inclusive: acknowledge cultural difference among woman. Tries to portray an image of women that’s
not stereotypical.
Contractual= Specific culture, expericenes, specific locations. EX: a girl seach on Asian women and
then talks as a perspective from a Asian woman, every society, different religion, classes.
Causes of women oppression
Interlocking sources. No one can be highlighted. Interdependence diversions. Quote Emily Woo
Yamaski- “I cannot be an Asian American on Monday, a woman on Tuesday, a lesbian on Wednesday, a
student on Thursday, and a political radical on Friday. I am all these things everyday”. Worlds division of
nation into first and third nation. Gender equality can’t be achieved without economically, politically.
Power imbalance in First nation war countries and third nation countries. The third nation is consist of
From micro/Macro.
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