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22 Apr 2012
WSTB13 Lec 4
Group Project
The codes of gender
Observe how body part are projected
Psychological relation of those images >>What attitude does the image project…
Physical state of the image.
Distinctive physical context part of the body
How power and gender is related to create a sense of normalcy?
How the contex is created? Ex. Use of colour or backdrop
- We are able to position in our minds whether people are male or female?
- we have to learn how to read the signals that are being sent to us by people
- The way we walk becomes the medium on our gender,
- Advertising or commercial realism is trying to shape the world into…..
- Women are always shown to touch themselves in adversitments.
- Submissive, powerless dependent = feminity
- Women are portrayed as not attentive to whats around them, oblivious to their surroundings.
- Little girls and women are seen the same
Physical representation of women…Shoe Advertisment
One knees
Weird posture
Half naked
The size of the shoe is greater than she is
She is wearing heels which shows that she is sexually available
Serving the man because of the brush cleaning the shoe
She has to represent herself as being sexy as while cleaning the man shoe
She is not fully feminine because she only has one shoe
Women look vulnerable
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