ABS205H1 Lecture 3: Doctrines of Colonialism & Aboriginal Political Thought

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University of Toronto St. George
Aboriginal Studies
Brenda Wastasecoot

Lecture 3: Doctrines of Colonialism & Aboriginal Political Thought Some Cree - [Name] nina (my name is [name]) - Awena kina (what’s your name) Ch 6 Colonialism and First Nations Women in Canada - French people came to turtle island on east coast - Were very friendly compared to British - Interested in working with indigenous peoples - Allowing them to continue with their governance - Interested in working as equal nations - Interested in 2 things: - Mercantile (fur trade) - French were totally dependent on Aboriginal peoples at first - Diplomatic relationships included personal relationships (married native women, had children, and stayed with them) - Competed with British for territory - Roman Catholicism - Supported by their government (France) if they had missionaries on board - Weren’t allowed to go on journeys without missionaries - Justification was that conversion to Christianity meant more loyal and stronger allies - Helped establish New France - Creation of settled and farming mixed blood population - Education established so that Native girls would have French culture - Wanted women to become cultural strength - But also wanted them to have the strength, skills and knowledge of the land of their mothers - French respected FN rights, self-determination Ch6 Colonialism and First Nations Women in Canada - English-First Nations Relations - Negative encounters early on - Once English became independent (not totally dependent on FN), wanted the land (not as interested in trade) - Doctrine of Discovery - Because no one here, they’re allowed to take it - Driven by capitalism - Personal wealth/private ownership vs collective usership of land - Annihilation of ‘savages’ - Try to kill off/exterminate Aboriginal peoples - At first fur trade was mutual exchange and was mutual exchange and interdependency - Gun-pelt trade - First if FN people wanted guns, had to be converted to Christianity - Then had to give enough pelts to be as high as the length of the musket - Exploitation and abuse of Native women - But really the women/grandmothers are the ones telling the men (orators) what to say - But suddenly, native men are expected to overpower women Ch 6 Colonialism and First Nations Women in Canada - Destroyed any books or pictographs of indigenous peoples because wanted the image of the ‘illiterate savage’ - Easier to justify ‘teaching them’ - Before indigenous women were in control (deal with distribution of food) - Europeans convinced men of the “righteousness of the patriarchy” - Introduce wife beating as a sanctioned husband duty - FN women would hide their daughters from missionaries because they knew missionaries would put them down and make them feel less than men - Idea of ‘impressionistic management’ - Aggressive - Missionary propaganda to win support - Squaw = American Indian woman - Has become derogatory term because Europeans
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