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Lecture 6

Culture-Lecture 6-Anthropology and the Residential Space Apr 2 2009

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Marcel Danesi

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Anthro lecture April 2, 2009
Lecture 6 Æ Anthropology and the residential space
ii) Front yard
x Space become form of communication from those in the house to those who pass by it
x If front yard was clean, perfect, you might conclude that decent people live there
iii) Structures
Î Historical
x Social gospel Æ Christian movement, based on personal dalvation was contingent on social
salvation which was contigent on a beautiful public environment
x The general moral character could be improved if there were more nice places
x Connection with morality, maintain a beautiful front yard
x Weeds = disease, garbage, crime
x Lawn = high economic status, lots of labour to maintain
x Suburbs = in between country and city + lots of spaces
Î Economic
x People care about their front lawns because they care about how the public views it because it
x Catholic Portuguese will have a virgin mary on the front lawn
Î Cultural
x When home buyers go around searching they have the tendency for them to prefer a homeland
that agrees with their ascetic
x Curb appeal
Î Political
x Laws Æ in Toronto there iis a weed by law.. if your weeds grow over 9 inches then the city can
charge u and cut them down
x Sept 07 Æ new bylaw that prohibits home owners to use pesticides
x Gardening books in the 1930s advised people to keep chickens to destroy the pests
IV) Lawn and order
x What were these ppl trying to communicate about their law
Î Meticulous and hard working
Î I love rocks
Î I talk to my grass
x Who resisted and who conformed
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