ANT100Y1 Lecture Notes - Imagined Community, Imagined Communities, Shared Experience

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Published on 13 Apr 2013
ANT208 September 13, 2011
Imagined Communities:
Canada- “British”- “French”- “First Nations”-“Whites”/”Europeans”
Imagined communities- these ideas produce subjectivities, and how people see
-people come to recognize ourselves in cultural and symbolic terms ex. White,
Canadian, muslims, these terms speak to our subjectivity…Canadian don’t naturally
exist they exist because they are discussed and recognize themselves as canadians…
thus, What am I? t is impossible to interact meaningfully with the natural
community..thus it is imagined community.
-some people have greater influences on what it means to be these identities, thus
recognize that it is not a open and fair system but there is a way to define these
history is a selective process…no person or scholar could even capture the depth
and richness of the whole past. As a writer one must be selective. Narrative makes a
good story, not a infinity of a history, helps to fashion concepts…
the Nation and nation state is a new form of cultural and political system called
nation-state…has not always existed but a new way of making subjects and people
-mythology is that it is internal
-intimate relationship with time…continuingly evolving
-an organism and creature- people connected to it through time,
what is a nation?
-it cannot be tracked down but has tremendous forced over us…what stories are
traditional and told to us? False and irrelevant.
History is industrial, mass produced…history tells us about the inevitable arrival of
how things are…those who came here…people in charge are mean’t to be there and
have the right to be there …seemingly anchor nation in time…history gives nation
truth…what secures history? The nation helps to make history real but also place-
the relationship between time and space…the nation- where history takes
place…the land itself is a container of history- where place and time are fused
together… the place seems to produce the truth…place is defined and overlaps with
nation-state…selective and arbitrary accumulation of stories which comes to feel as
if it’s the only discussion and rooted in place and time, it no longer feel arbitrary, it
feels necessary…the land gives character to the people…
-imagined community gives supposed shared experience and supposed shared land
-mackie pg 75
Canadian- idea that they made the land, and land made Canadian- pg 75 mackie…the
challenge of the land- hardship and bravery and making it civilized…shaping the
land and shaping land to them…the story that aboriginals share in this story…these
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